Severino Hospitality


It’s the restaurant that follows each season of the MotoGP.


It offers catering services for other locations, events within the circuits.


Excellent cuisine, elegant exposure, attention to detail.


Ideal culinary service for all teams and sponsors.

about us

The success of our cuisine has attracted many illustrious personalities of sport and entertainment visiting the various Grand Prix: Fabrizio Frizzi, Gerry Scotti, Michael Schumacher, Elisabetta Canalis, Jovanotti, Ringo, LapoElkann, Le Iene, Zelig's Palmiro Cangini and many others.
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The Beginning

It’s from the passion for motorcycling that the idea of creating a Hospitality for MotoGP Teams and Riders was born.
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The turning point

Using only quality products, and with a home-style kitchen, Severino quickly achieved success by obtaining a respectable role in the Paddock.
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Today the hospitality is further expanded and the Domus Severino concept is born: with a central “open” patio and three covered sides.