The Birth

From the passion for motorcycling borns the idea of ​​creating a Hospitality for the MotoGP teams and riders. It’s the love for this sport that brings Severino Ridolfi to devote himself as a young man in the world of two wheels, creating multiple events, collaborating in the foundation of a motorcycle club in your home town and participating in the activities of the Regional Motorcycle Federation for over two decades. Severino devoted many years to the family, until, in 1993, decided to devote himself to his passion, avvicinadosi to the world of motorsport. Buy a bus to manage the Hospitality of a local team that competes in the European Championship, Motorcycle, within which runs a young novice rider, Valentino Rossi! In the same year Severino realize that there are many teams that need a catering service, so he decides to take matters in hand and creates “Severino By Hospitality.”

The Turn

Using only quality products, and with a home-style cuisine, Severino reached in Soon the success getting a respected role in the Paddock. In 1996 the Grand Prix
Assen, Holland, his pasta and his roasts arrive on the table of famous people. Subsequently is offered to manage the Hospitality for the “Marlboro Yamaha Team” directly from the manager Wayne Rainey!
It then enters his son Daniel in the activity together with the girlfriend Isabella; their entrance realized in everything and everything a true family business in the championship: Severino and his wife Pia in the kitchen, Daniele and Isabella in the room.

Severino by Hospitality carries all the necessary material with large vehicles, traveling to all European countries.

We customize our vehicles with decorations of partners and sponsors.

Our history