About us

The beginning

It's from the passion for motorcycling that the idea of creating a Hospitality for MotoGP Teams and Riders was born.

It is the love for this sport that led Severino Ridolfi to dedicate himself to the world of two wheels from a very early age, organizing multiple events, collaborating in the foundation of a motorcycle club in his city and participating in the activities of the Regional Motorcycle Federation for over two decades. Severino dedicated many years to the family business, until in 1993, he decided to devote himself to his passion: the motorcycle world.
He bought a bus to manage the hospitality of a local team competing in the European Motorcycle Championship, in which a very young novice rider runs: Valentino Rossi!
In the same year Severino realizes that there are many more teams that needed catering services, so he decided to take the situation in his own hands, creating “Severino By Hospitality“.

the turning point

Using only quality products, and with a home-style kitchen, Severino quickly achieved success by obtaining a respectable role in the Paddock.
In 1996 at the Assen Grand Prix, in Holland, his pasta and roasts arrived on the table of famous people. He was then offered to manage the Hospitality for the “Yamaha Marlboro Team” directly by manager Wayne Rainey! His son Daniele then joined the business together with his girlfriend Isabella; their entry creates in all respects a real family business within the world championship: Severino and his wife Pia in the kitchen, Daniele and Isabella in the dining room. Severino by Hospitality transports all the necessary material with large vehicles, traveling around all European countries. Four vehicles are available for the 2013 season: two 16metres articulated lorries (TIR), a 12metres truck and a 5 metres van. We personalize the vehicles with decorations from collaborating companies and sponsors.


In 2017, Severino Hospitality expanded further and the Domus Severino concept was born: with a central “open” patio and three covered sides, the restaurant takes the shape of an ancient Roman house, a symbol of hospitality and Italian spirit.
Severino & Son Hospitality also became the official kitchen of the Gresini, Tech3 and Simoncelli teams (to whom he entrusted the old hospitality).